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We use your tree and yard waste to make: mulch, firewood, and lumber.

Tree Removal

It isn't uncommon for us to get calls where someone else started a job, but didn't finish for whatever reason … In this case, the trunk had an amazing assortment of debris including bricks, concrete & rocks. It took more work than the usual tree, but we got it done and once finished, the customer had us landscape the area as well.

Before: unfinished cleanup
from other company
before removal
After: completed cleanup from
We Recycle Trees
after removal

Perhaps You're Tired of Looking at a Dead Tree …

Before: dead tree removal
before dead tree
After: dead tree removal
after dead tree

Perhaps a Tree
Threatens Your House …

While it is a shame to kill a healthy tree, one might be too close to your house or pose a threat to pipes or a driveway. Our experienced crew will quickly remove the tree, and if access allows, turn the trunk into lumber vs. throwing it all in the dump.

Before: house is threatened
before removal, house is threatened
After: house is safe
after removal, house is safe

The maple tree below had several large holes in the trunk and while the tree appeared outwardly healthy, the trunks were close to 80% rotten through in several locations. While there was no lumber quality grade wood in this tree, at least it was used for mulch and firewood. We ground the stump just below grade and planted a forest pansy redbud to provide flowers and ornamental value, without the long term problems of a large tree close to the house.

Before: house is threatened
before removal, rotten maple
After: house is safe
after removal, ground stump

Or Maybe it's Time to Remodel …

Is it time to make more room for the little ones? Our experienced crew will remove the trees that stand in the way of progress, and if the site allows us the access, turn the trunk into lumber vs. throwing it all in the dump.

Before: time to remodel?
before removal, time to remodel
After: remodeled
after removal, remodeled

Maybe a Tree Blocks Your View

Which might also inspire you to get rid of other things around the yard that are no longer being used … In this case, a large raised bed with a play set was demolished, and the area was replanted with grass.

Before: blocked view
before removal, blocked view
After: open view
after removal, open view
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