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Wasps, Hornets & Yellow Jackets

How we compare against traditional pest control companies …

Taking care of that yellow jacket or bald faced hornet nest is often more complicated than it looks. Many times, yellowjacket nests will have multiple entrances, and you need to remove the actual nest below ground when possible. Bald faced hornet nests are often high up in buildings or tree. In either case, during the day, the majority of the yellow jackets/hornets are out looking for food. This is a problem since pest control companies come in the midle of the day, and either leave behind a bunch of homeless yellowjackets/hornets in the process, or use a crazy strong pesticide to kill the ones returning … I'll pass on those kinds of super toxic chemicals sprayed on my lawn or near my garden, thank you.

Call us and we'll do the job right. We arrive just before sundown when the pests are all back in the nest before treatment and removal. Time and time again we get called after a homeowner said they can deal with the nest themselves but then they get stung when attempting to do so. We're bee keepers, so we have head-to-toe protection. FYI, pest control companies charge $250 and up, while we are typically $100-$150, depending on complexity and payment method.

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