We use your tree and yard waste to make: mulch, firewood, and lumber.

Rough Cut Lumber

Perhaps the Coolest Power
“Toy” we have ever seen? …

The portable sawmill is one of the most fun power toys we have ever used. And it saves all this wood from becoming firewood as well, so double bonus! We either hitch up and go right to the job site, or load the logs on trucks and bring them back to base camp …

portable sawmill
cut lumber

Seeing the quality of the finished boards cut to your dimensions makes the extra work & expense worth it—we know the local wood workers appreciate getting this as much as we enjoy helping to make it.

We don't let anything go to waste. The first slabs removed to square the logs are used for kindling and the sawdust is composted for later use in our garden beds …

rough cut lumber 3
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